Small Investments
Big Dreams

We invest up to $50,000 and provide guidance for
early-stage  entrepreneurs and ventures
so that they can hit the ground running.

Values-Aligned Investment

137,000 businesses are established each day, but 95% of them fail.

Because we invest small amounts of our own money, as opposed to large amounts of somebody else's, you can be sure that if we invest, it will be because:

- We truly believe in what you're doing
- We are aligned with your mission
- We think we can help you succeed the very least, our aim is to get you off to a running start and give you a chance of being in the 5%.

We're not in this to generate a return for someone else, and so we're not going to force you to make decisions that you don't want to make. And for investments of up to just $50,000, we shouldn't have that right anyway!

Aside from small amounts of seed funding, and you maintaining control, what we also provide is guidance as part of our investment across every aspect of the early-stage venture lifecycle, from problem and customer validation through to commercialisation.

At Collective Campus, we've incubated over 100 early-stage startups since 2014, and they've collectively gone on to raise more than USD $25 million.

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